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 In order to keep session prices as cost-effective as possible, pricing for each session is determined on a per-theme basis. Pricing begins at $249, but may be higher for themed sessions that have lots of props or if indoor studio rental is required.

Click the links above to see more details about each session theme. You will be able to reserve your space for these sessions here as well.

Limited Edition Sessions (previously known as Mini Sessions) are shortened sessions with a limited amount of openings, sometimes centered around a theme or holiday. Session backdrops are not typically repeated and are only offered for a single day. Here's some key information about these sessions that will help determine if they're right for you:


These sessions are the most budget-friendly option of all session types and are scheduled to be offered quarterly in 2023. 


Not everyone has time to dedicate to the full creative experience, so Limited Edition Sessions do not exceed 15 minutes and do not involve any type of session planning. This is a great way to quickly update your family photos with traditional posing, get your Christmas card photo, or to bring little ones who may not be up for a full hour session.


I am a print-based photographer which means that every session is done with the intent to print.
After your session, I edit all of your photos so that we can reconnect for a Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. During this appointment, we will work together in a low-pressure environment to create your print order. Social media digital files are given complimentary with every print order.


Note: I do not require that you order prints with me. I offer a package that includes digital images so that you're able to print on your own, but I am unable to guarantee the color representation and quality of other printers.


My editing style has been described as warm, moody, and romantic. I draw inspiration from different periods of art history to create my signature style. 


I welcome the opportunity to work with every body type, ability, gender, orientation, and ethnicity. I'm committed to creating a working environment full of love and safety. 


Posing for these sessions will be limited to mostly traditional poses. Setting up multiple creative photos requires more time than these sessions offer.


Limited Edition Sessions are often holiday-themed, so I sometimes create sets with a cohesive theme, color palette, and props. Details for each session type are posted on social media and on the sign-up links (below).



How does the process work? What are the first steps?

Step 1: Reserve your time slot

Use the links above or Contact Me to reserve the desired time slot for your session. Fall and Holiday sessions are typically filled several months in advance, so it's recommended to sign up for these as soon as you know your availability.


Step 2: Contract + Retainer

An electronic contract and invoice for $50 non-refundable retainer will be sent via email. Both must be completed within 24 hours in order to reserve the time slot. After 24 hours, the time slot is reopened and offered to the Cancellation List.


Step 3: The Session

Step 4: Editing

During this process, I apply my signature style to all images and upload them to an online gallery for us to review at the Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. 


Step 5: Virtual Artwork Selection

After editing has been completed, I will reach out to schedule the Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. If your package includes digital images, you will be able to select your images at this time. If you would like to order prints, you will be able to choose which images you'd like printed and what products you'd like to order as well. Invoice for your order will be sent via email following the appointment. Once the invoice has been paid, the order will be placed.

One thing I want to make sure to mention: This is a very low-pressure environment.  I am not a salesperson. I created this process because I see the value in printing artwork and enjoying it for generations to come. When I think about some of my happiest memories, they were gathered around an old box of photographs that told a story of the past. It's difficult to reproduce that feeling while scrolling through digital images and with the rate at which technology changes, it may not even be possible. I also understand how overwhelming and time consuming it can be to go through photos and order on your own, so that's why I wanted to make this additional hands-on service part of the process.


Step 7: Image Delivery

If you chose a digital package, images will be delivered using an online gallery system. You will have 30 days to download the images. If you chose a print-based package, your order is delivered to my office first for quality control and then it is available for local pickup or shipping. 


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