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intentional portraits

that focus on you

so that you can always remember how you looked that day

Bridal portraits are sessions dedicated to just you in your wedding attire. This is a tradition that began in Europe and is traditionally done before the wedding day as a trial, but can be done in fun, creative ways after the wedding as well.

Here's some key information about my approach to bridal portraits that will help determine if we're a good match:


We work closely together to plan a session that feels like you. Every session is unique because I carefully curate lighting, location/backdrop, wardrobe, posing, and more to your individual tastes and vision for the session. 


Combining bridal portraits with the hair and makeup trial before the wedding acts as a rehearsal. It allows you to have an accurate picture of how everything will be photographed on the day of your wedding. 


I am a print-based photographer which means that every session is done with the intent to print.
After your session, I edit all of your photos so that we can reconnect for a Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. During this appointment, we will work together in a low-pressure environment to create your print order. Social media digital files are given complimentary with every print order.


Note: I do not require that you order prints with me. I offer a package that includes digital images so that you're able to print on your own, but I am unable to guarantee the color representation and quality of other printers.


I like to use a mixture of intentional poses combined with prompts that allow me to capture genuine emotion in the moment. I love incorporating nature, architecture, and movement into sessions so they feel dynamic and you have lots of variety within the gallery.


Some choose to schedule bridal portraits for after their wedding day so there's less pressure to keep attire clean than if the session were before. It gives an excuse to put the dress/skirt/suit/etc back on and even include your spouse since they already will have seen you! There's more freedom and opportunity to be creative with different concepts, locations, poses, etc. if the session is after the wedding.

These portraits are really fun to do as an anniversary session or to take the place of original wedding photos that you maybe didn't love or that you feel are outdated. There are wedding gown options available in Client Wardrobe as well.


My editing style has been described as warm, moody, and romantic. I draw inspiration from different periods of art history to create my signature style. 


Bridal Portraits can help remove some of the pressure from the actual wedding day because you'll know that even if weather is bad or things don't go to schedule, you will have gorgeous portraits no matter what.


I welcome the opportunity to work with every body type, ability, gender, orientation, and ethnicity. I'm committed to creating a working environment full of love and safety. 




One Hour Session
Personalized Session Planning
Access to Client Wardrobe (if necessary)
Styling Services

Prints, wall art, albums, etc. purchased separately at
Virtual Artwork Selection Appointment
Images ordered in print
receive complimentary social media digital file with order.




One hour session
Personalized Session Planning
Access to Client Wardrobe (if necessary)
Styling Services
20 High Resolution Digital Images
Print Release Form


the garden party


Gather your closest friends and family before your wedding day to do a first look/reveal garden party complete with either brunch or champagne and charcuterie!

One hour session
Personalized Session Planning
Brunch or Champagne + Charcuterie for up to 10 people
Virtual Artwork Selection Appointment
Social Media Digital Files
Hard Cover Photo Book


the date night


Enjoy a nice romantic evening with your spouse creating (or re-creating) romantic portraits in your wedding attire. This is perfect for a creative date night or anniversary.


One hour session
Personalized Session Planning
Champagne + Charcuterie for two
Access to Client Wardrobe (if necessary)
Hair and/or Makeup Services
Styling Services
Virtual Artwork Selection Appointment
Social Media Digital Files
Hard Cover Photo Book


If you'd love to work together, but don't currently have the time or budget for the complete creative experience, make sure to visit the Limited Edition Session page. Those sessions are shorter in length and pricing begins at $249. Online, flexible, interest-free installment plans are also available upon request.


How does the process work? What are the first steps?

Step 1: Connect.

Contact Me to begin. We'll work together to determine the best package for your needs and I'll be able to answer any further questions you may have. It's recommended to reach out at least one month prior to the desired session date.  


Step 2: Contract + Retainer

An electronic contract and invoice for $50 non-refundable retainer will be sent via email. Both must be completed in order to reserve your session and move on to the next steps.


Step 4: The Session

Step 3: Session Planning

This is where the fun really begins. I'll send questionnaires to get to know you a bit better and understand your vision for the session, create mood boards, research locations, determine optimal lighting, and more. We will also determine the best date for your session during this time. 


Step 5: Editing

During this process, I apply my signature style to all images and upload them to an online gallery for us to review at the Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. On average, editing takes two to three weeks, but could take more time depending on the intricacy of the session and edits.


Step 6: Virtual Artwork Selection

After editing has been completed, I will reach out to schedule the Virtual Artwork Selection appointment. If you chose the wildflower package, you will be able to select your 20 digital images at this time. If you chose the rose or peony package, you will be able to choose which images you'd like printed and what products you'd like to order. Invoice for your order will be sent via email following the appointment. Once the invoice has been paid, the order will be placed.

One thing I want to make sure to mention: This is a very low-pressure environment.  I am not a salesperson. I created this process because I see the value in printing artwork and enjoying it for generations to come. When I think about some of my happiest memories, they were gathered around an old box of photographs that told a story of the past. It's difficult to reproduce that feeling while scrolling through digital images and with the rate at which technology changes, it may not even be possible. I also understand how overwhelming and time consuming it can be to go through photos and order on your own, so that's why I wanted to make this additional hands-on service part of the process.


Step 7: Image Delivery

If you chose a digital package, images will be delivered using an online gallery system. You will have 30 days to download the images. If you chose a print-based package, images are delivered to my office first for quality control and then they are available for local pickup or shipping. 


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