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When Plan B Becomes Plan A | Getting Married During The Pandemic

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Let's be real. 2020 just isn't our year. It's especially not our year for weddings.

I think before we dive into the article any further, we should all just take a moment to have a collective cry about all the time, effort, stress, money, and sleep people have lost over this whole thing. There's no denying that this whole situation is absolutely terrible and no one deserves what's happened this year. Period.

*here's our moment* *aaaaaand done*

Now that we've had a good cry, I really want to help. If you're feeling stuck and unsure what to do, look at the following options:

1.) Outdoor Elopement

If you want to get married in 2020, this could be the safest and least stressful option. Even before the pandemic, elopements were growing in popularity because couples were realizing that they could have their day, their way. There is so much room for adventure and romance when you're not adhering to timelines, guest counts, seating charts, etc.

In addition to freedom, you'll also save a lot of money. There are lots of beautiful outdoor locations within Michigan that can be used for free, so it's a very cost-effective option. You'd also be saving on venue, catering, cake, etc.

Now, the biggest thing missing is the giant after-party and sharing your day with your closest family and friends. That's definitely not something to take lightly and if that's the most important part to you, eloping may not be the right choice. With that being said, know that elopements don't have to be just the two of you. Many people bring 5-10 of their closest loved ones along the way to share in the joy! Right now, having a really big celebration is unfortunately out of the question according to Michigan's Executive Orders, but many people choose to elope and have the big celebration at a later time anyway!

The last thing to consider is the details. I know that there are so many details you'll want to include. Your planning has been meticulous and these small things all add to the memory of your day. I'm here to tell you that incorporating those things in an elopement format IS possible. My biggest job as a photographer is figuring out what's important to you and how you want to remember your day. The color palette you love, the flowers you poured over, the items you have to include loved ones who are no longer here-these can all be incorporated beautifully into an elopement. You don't have to compromise your vision.

If you're truly interested in eloping, I'd love to talk to you about all-inclusive packages I've created (including wedding gown rental!). Click here to contact me so we can talk further!

2.) Postpone

If your heart is set on what you have planned for your day and you feel like you'll have regrets if you do anything else, I think the wisest option is to look at dates in the future and there is NO shame in that! I can't lie, since everything about this pandemic is so unknown, choosing a date will likely be difficult and trying to keep the same vendors will be a challenge as well. Every vendor I know personally is doing their absolute best to be accommodating to this situation, but there are situations where, if your date was previously booked by someone else, they may not be able to transfer. That's why time is of the essence in this situation.

My recommendation is that when you know that you're going to postpone, reach out to your venue first, then the vendor that is most important to you (the one you HAVE to have at your wedding) and see what dates they have available. Discuss their policy and how they're going to be handling these situations and what happens in the event of cancellation/postponement in the future because you'll want to be protected.

3.) Do a little of both

If you want to be officially married this year, but still want to have a big celebration, elope this year and have a big wedding later! Like I mentioned above, eloping can be extremely cost-effective and I know many vendors have responded to these events by creating bundles, myself included. I even have gowns available for rent if you would like to save your wedding dress for your bigger celebration! This also gives you a bit of time to see how the pandemic is going to play out and decide if you want to have a big celebration in 2021 or even later.

It's an option that gives you the best of both worlds while taking a bit of pressure off yourselves to handle such an enormous task.

Click here to talk with me about wedding/elopement bundles!

No matter what you decide, at the end of it all, the goal is to be married to the one you love. The big celebration may be canceled, but nothing about your love or relationship is. Work together as the strong couple you are to find what option speaks to your heart and know that Plan B can be beautiful. <3


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