The Importance of Printing Your Photos in a Digital World

Updated: Jan 14

It's no secret that the digital world has made just about everything faster and more convenient. Speaking for myself alone: almost everything I do is made so much better by web-based tools. I do all of my contracts, bookkeeping, and photo sharing via non-paper/intangible tools and it's honestly so awesome.


How many of you can say that once I've given you a gallery, you've rushed to print your photos? I know a few of you do because I've seen them in your homes (which is an amazing feeling, by the way), but think of the volume of photos you've received in your digital gallery. Have you printed every single one and stored them for viewing in the future? Have you thought to yourself, "Oh I'll get to that later" and then your gallery link sits?

I can tell you honestly that before now, I was the same way. It's not that I didn't value my photos, it was that I was waiting for life to slow down so I could set aside the time to make it a priority. It can be overwhelming deciding what sizes to print, who wants a canvas, what kind of quality all these different consumer print shops have, etc. The problem is that life doesn't slow down and then nothing happens and your photos sit.

Imagine it's twenty years from now and you decide you'd like to reflect with your loved ones and look at old photos. Do you want to search your emails (for which you may or may not still have the password) for old links and scroll through these photos on the computer? Definitely not. You want photos and albums that are going to last the test of time and that you can pull up and view f o r e v e r.

That's where I come in. I realized that even though I thought I was doing what was best for my clients by giving them a link to all of their digital files, I was actually doing them a disservice by not offering prints and products and turning them loose to figure all of this out on their own with consumer-grade photo labs. So, I spent A LOT of time getting product samples, doing research, testing how my colors printed with different labs, calibrating my monitors to different printers, and I'm really happy to tell you guys that I now offer printing services! This is done with labs that only professionals have access to and when I say the quality is insane, I really mean it. These pieces are art-grade and I cannot wait to start showing you the difference between what you've been printing at consumer labs and what I can have made for you!

More details will follow, but what this means for sessions is that your experience is going to be extremely upgraded. If we've had a session in the past and you'd like to have some of your photos printed, I'm giving a 10% discount until February 23, 2020! Please send an email to for more details!

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