Portraits - Answering Frequently Asked Questions

You've decided that you'd like to have some professional photos taken, but there are so many different options and a lot of terminology that you're not familiar with. If you haven't had professional photos taken before, it can be a really overwhelming process. I'm here to break things down and explain my policies and philosophies to make the process a lot easier!

Where do I start? The first thing you should do when considering a session with anyone is to make sure you like the editing style of your photographer. Every photographer has a unique style that is like their own personal signature (I would describe my style as warm with muted romantic tones). A great way to check this is to look at social media pages, websites, or request a sample gallery. I have many sample galleries that I'd be happy to share!

How do I know what type of session to book?

I offer three types of sessions; Mini, Standard, and Premium.

Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions are 10 minutes long and often have a special type of set, props, and/or backdrops that correlate to the session's theme. These are offered periodically throughout the year on specific dates and at special price points based on the intricacy of the set. For example, below is one of my favorite summer sets:

You should book a Mini Session if: you really love the set, you're looking for a quick update to portraits or family photos, and/or you have a smaller budget since these sessions are typically the most cost-effective.

How to book a mini session: For the most recent information about mini session offerings, make sure to either reach out here or check out my Facebook Page. I love using mini sessions as a creative outlet, so I'm constantly adding new offerings and set options! If you love more than one set, make sure to ask me about the mini session bundle. I have some really cool options that include an album at the end of the year, too!

Standard Sessions

Premium Sessions

Do you include digital images with sessions?

The short answer is: no.

To elaborate: There was a time when I did include high-resolution digitals with all of my galleries, but after surveying my clients, I was very surprised to discover that:

  1. Most people had intentions of ordering prints from their galleries, but just never got around to it. It became just another item on their to-do list and because it can be overwhelming and time-consuming, they just let their galleries sit untouched.

  2. Almost 100% of people strongly preferred being able to order prints from a professional photo lab.

  3. Most people said that they posted their photos to social media and then didn't end up printing, so they didn't have a need for the high-resolution files.

After listening to this feedback, I decided to make some changes so I could be of the absolute best service. I was hearing that people wanted their photos printed, but simply didn't have the time to do it on their own. I was hearing that those who did get around to printing weren't happy with the quality they were receiving at the consumer level and wanted a higher quality instead. I was hearing ultimately that I needed to provide a higher level of service, so that's when I made some changes.

Now, I work with professional photo labs that only photographers have access to. They provide art quality prints, canvases, albums, and more. I'm able to show you the edits from your gallery, document what you would like to order, place the order myself, and have it delivered right to your doorstep without you having to lift a finger. Digital photos are still available for purchase if you would prefer to do the printing yourself, but I don't personally recommend this option.

How many locations can we use for our session?

As many as will fit into your session length! Typically I like to choose outdoor locations that have a lot of variety in backdrops so there isn't a huge need to drive to multiple locations. If you have specific places you'd like to visit during your shoot, definitely mention it while we're doing our session planning and if we need to schedule extra time, we definitely can!

Can you Photoshop my appearance?

I always edit non-permanent things such as pimples at no extra cost. Unfortunately, due to the volume of my work load, I am unable to do special edits that alter body composition or other magazine-style edits. If there are aspects of your appearance that you'd like to accentuate or hide, we will absolutely work closely together to create poses that make you feel your best. If, after viewing your edited gallery, you still feel that some changes need to be made, I do have a professional retoucher that I outsource these types of edits to for an additional cost.

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