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Introducing: Limited Edition Sessions!

I'm so excited to share a new type of session with you: Limited Edition Sessions! These sessions will act as an alternative to the Mini Sessions and Half Sessions that have been offered in the past and that will no longer be offered starting in 2023.

What's a Limited Edition Session?

These are abbreviated sessions that use unique backdrops/locations/sets and are offered for a limited time with limited time slots, sometimes centered around a theme or holiday.

When will these be offered?

My goal is to offer these sessions on a quarterly basis. I will schedule dates/themes when I build my calendar for the year and then an online sign-up link will be created in January. People who have worked with me in this capacity in the past will have first opportunity to book these sessions and then they will go live to the public via social channels. Once spaces have been filled, there may not be any more oppor

tunities with that particular set or location in the future.

How do I know if a Limited Edition Session is right for me?

These sessions were created for a few diff

erent reasons:

  1. I recognize that everyone has different budgets when it comes to photography. I wanted to be able to provide an option to create accessible art for everyone.

  2. Schedules can be busy and even though documenting life with annual photos might be a priority, sometimes people just don't have as much time to devote to a full creative experience and a full session. This is a great alternative.

  3. These are a great way to update photos when sending cards for the holidays or when someone may only need a handful of photos.

What are the limitations or restrictions?

These sessions are simple in nature and will not exceed fifteen minutes, so there are some limitations and restrictions:

  1. Immediate family only, up to six people. Extended family portraits are not permitted during these types of sessions.

  2. Client Wardrobe is not available.

  3. Hair and Makeup services are not available.

  4. Simple, traditional posing will be the focus

. Creative posing and setting up those really creative shots takes quite a bit of extra time and planning. Unfortunately due to the quick nature of these sessions, it is not something we would have time for.

Why are you no longer offering Mini Sessions and Half Sessions?

These sessions actually operate in a very similar way to Mini Sessions with the biggest change being that I'm more hands-on and offering a higher level of

service! Instead of practicing a more hands-off approach, I'm going to be more involved and available to help with styling and creating style guides, wardrobe selection, color palette recommendations, assistance with selecting digitals and ordering prints/products/wall art/etc. Because I'm really excited about this change and the higher level of service, I wanted to repackage/rename the process to reflect that.

Half sessions are being discontinued due to rising transportation costs. It has become unsustainable without a larger travel fee to accommodate those requests, so I have made the difficult decision to discontinue that part of my services. Offering these Limited Edition Sessions instead still gives those who were utilizing the shorter session length an opportunity to work with me at the same price point!

As always, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me! I'm really looking forward to implementing this positive change in 2023! :)



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